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To simplify purchasing, we have prepared a standard selection of items to cover the most common require ments. The modular processes used, mean that literally thousands of variants are possible. See here_button


Polysmart Ring Binders, Polysmart Wallets and Polysmart Folders

Polysmart options allow you to customise your wallet, ring binder or folder for a tender, promotion or presentation. With selections of size, colour, capacity, closures, handles, pockets and print ...the choice is yours!

Take a look through our gallery of projects we have completed for our clients over the past few years. Also look at Finish Options featuring choices on Rings, Closures, Handles, Pockets and alternative polypropylene substrates.


Environmentally Responsible

The environmental credentials of polysmart items are second to none.The polypropylene used is manufactured without harm to the environment (all production waste is recycled and there are no toxic gases emitted). It is approved for use in food contact applications and the manufacture of toy components.


Material Facts

The polysmart collection of presentation items was developed for the protection, packaging and display of documents, products, samples, sales aids, information packs, etc. These items are manufactured from polypropylene, the creative material for today.

It is modern, striking, attractive and incredibly tough. Its durability, strength and resistance to moisture and chemicals make it suitable where other substrates may fail.


Printing on clear or frosted polypropylene can either be on the face or on the reverse side of the material with the image showing through, depending on the desired effect. Generally the smoothest side of the material will be chosen to print onto, so this can affect which face of the material is on the outside of the item. (NB. Some of the items displayed incorporate additional features which have been requested by clients, these are highlighted by *)

Dark coloured materials will affect the print colours achieved when using translucent inks. Sometimes this necessitates an undercoat white print first, which will be costed as an extra colour. Some of the lighter silk screen ink colours are sufficiently opaque to produce a satisfactory result without the need for a white undercoat.

Bespoke Polypropylene Designs

We can produce any shape and size of die cut polypropylene product to your requirements. This is backed up by a full design and sampling service to assist with your decision. (NB. Some of the items in the gallery incorporate additional features which have been requested by clients, these are highlighted by *)

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