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Welded PVC products are extremely versatile and many variants can be produced from basic tooling. A wide choice of colours is available plus the ability to encapsulate inserts printed in full colour, either by lithoprinting or digitally. PVC is tough, resistant to moisture and durable.

Ring Binders
Standard - 300mic PVC over 2250mic board, colours available as on the swatch chart seen below. With nickle mechanism and rivets available in 2 or 4 ring options. Select your ringbinder with or without presentation pockets for removable inserts or full encapsulation. Coloured rivet caps and mechanisms in different styles up to 65mm are available to order.

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Additional Welded Pockets
A vast range of pocket shapes and sizes can be easily added to welded PVC products These are just some of the common examples

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PVC Swatch Chart
There is a large range of 48 colours available as show for guidance below. Please enquire if you do not see the colour you require as other colour ranges are also readily available.

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