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Your Options
To simplify purchasing, we have prepared a standard selection of items to cover the most common require ments. The modular processes used, mean that literally thousands of variants are possible. See here_button

Stitched PU/Leather executive products in this range are constructed using traditional skills to create distinctive pieces with a high percieved value. Whilst the selection of products displayed is limited to the more common items, the possibiliies are endless.

Overboard options allow you to customise ring binders, presenters or folders for a tender, promotion or presentation. With selections of size, colour, capacity, closures, pockets, print and more ...the choice is yours!

Take a look through our Stitched PU/Leather gallery of projects we have completed for our clients over the past few years. Together with Finish options featuring choices on Ring Mechanisms, Metal Corners Pockets, Pens and Pads.

Bespoke PU/Leather Designs
When manufacturing with traditional techniques, there is no limit to the variety of items that can be produced. Please contact_button us

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