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This method of construction involves wrapping and lining a piece of thick grey board with a decorative paper, then creasing the finished panel and fitting mechanisms. Remus bending produces a 45Ëšangled corner on the spine hinge. Automated production makes this very economical for long or short runs.


Ring Binders
Standard - 2000mic board with 130g matt art paper. With nickle mechanism and rivets, available in 2 or 4 ring options. Other sizes and styles made to order. Wrapper and Liner specification can be selected from the chart below.

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Wrappers and Liners
Wrapper paper is 20 mm larger on all 4 sides than the board dimension and liner paper is 5mm smaller. Because of the method of construction, involving placing the board on the wrapper when it is face down, registration of the image on the finished item cannot be guaranteed <1.5mm. Wrapper paper must be laminated on print side to prevent cracking on the hinge creases.


Artwork Requirements
The dimensions in the chart above are used to calculate the size of the wrapper and liner papers as follows:- Board Size = Height(H) x Length (L) where L = 2 (W) + S e.g. for 15mm capacity (L) = 2 x 253) + 32 = 538mm. Make the artwork document sizes 40mm more than the board size for the wrapper paper and 10mm less than the board size for the liner paper, as in the drawings below. We prefer pdf files with text saved to curves or outlines, with images to correct size, in position for the flat layout of the item required.


Individual artwork layout guides are available for all sizes of paper overboard ring binder.

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