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Your Options
To simplify purchasing, we have prepared a standard selection of items to cover the most common require ments. The modular processes used, mean that literally thousands of variants are possible. See here_button

Paper Over Board - this traditional method involves wrapping and laminating a piece of thick grey board with a decorative paper, then creasing the finished panel and fitting mechanisms. Remus bending produces a 45° angled corner on the long spine hinge. Automated production makes this very economical for short runs.

Overboard options allow you to customise ring binders, presenters or folders for a tender, promotion or presentation. With selections of size, colour, capacity, closures, pockets, print and more ...the choice is yours!

Take a look through our POB gallery of projects we have completed for our clients over the past few years. Together with Finish options featuring choices on Ring Mechanisms, Finger Rings and Pockets.

Bespoke Paper Over Board Designs
We can produce any shape or size of special paper overboard product to your requirements. Coloured rivet caps and powder coated or nickel mechanisms in various sizes and styles are available to order. Thicker board and other paper backed cloth or plastic coated materials are also available to order. Please contact_button us

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