Paper Over Board Ring Binders, Welded PVC Presenters and Stitched PU/Leather Folders

Overboard options allow you to customise ring binders, presenters or folders for a tender, promotion or presentation. With selections of size, colour, capacity, closures, pockets, print and more ...the choice is yours!

We offer three choices of materials each having their own merits and individual characteristics depending upon either final usage or personal preference.

Paper Over Board - the traditional method of wrapping and laminating paper and lining to a thick board, very economical for short runs. See more_button

Welded PVC - a thick based board covered with PVC offering a tough, moisture resistant and durable finish. See more_button

Stitched PU/Leather - using either PU, a high quality synthetic material that looks and feels soft to touch or Leather, the material of distinction. See more_button

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